Some of the medical properties of cannabis:

Cannabis is also referred to as marijuana, weed, pot etc. It refers to the dried leaves, stems, flowers and seeds from the hemp plant cannabis. The main active ingredient in weed is the mind altering chemical delta-9-THC. It is the most common illegal drug used in the United States. According to a National survey on drug use and health from 2017 about 45% of Americans over the age of 12 have used this weed. The cannabis plant and products thereof have a long history of use both as a medical agent and intoxicant. Since last few years there have been an active debate related to the medicinal aspects of cannabis. At present, cannabis products are divided as schedule drugs under the Drug enforcement administration (DEA) controlled substances act, which means that the drug is only available for human use as an investigational drug. In addition to the social aspects of the use of the drug and its abuse potential, the issue of approving it as a medicine is further complicated by the complexity of the chemical makeup of the plant.

  • This line discusses the chemical constituents of the plant with particular emphasis on this as the class of compounds responsible for the drug’s psychological properties.
  •  According to a study published in molecular cancer therapeutics, marijuana can help fight cancer.
  •  Another study found that CBD can also curb the growth of cancer cells in the body. Researcher said that the cannabis does a good job of slowing down the growth of tumors in the lung, breasts and brain.
  •  CBD has a powerful ingredient called THC that helps control the Alzheimer’s disease, says the research that was done at the research institute.
  •  Also, THC can curb the growth of amyloidal plaques as it tends to block the plaque producing enzymes. 
  • A person may get Alzheimer disease if their brain cells get killed by the plaques.

Cannabis seeds have also play a vital role in reducing the many diseases. CBD may also help to treat glaucoma. Actually, weed reduces pressure in their eyes which helps to protect their eye ball. Many of the researchers concluded that marijuana can help patients to get rid of pain and swelling. As a result patients with Rheumatoid arthritis can get enough sleep. There are many benefits of marijuana for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Cannabis is also a reliable choice for patients with Epileptic seizure.