Keeping in mind the various features of the color pattern to attract visitors

Whatever color you choose to use you should thrill. There is no rule, but in general, bright colors transmit energy, while darker shades create a formal and contemplative tone. The use of color can be used to draw the attention of a visitor to a certain part of the page, for example a CTA (Call to Action). Choosing the right combination is a job that, like designing a layout, should make an expert communication graphic.

Heat maps

Optimizing the placement of key elements in site pages based on eye tracking techniques allows us to increase conversions. All this happens through the use of software that tracks user behavior when browsing online pages. Most people who visit a site spend more time looking for the information needed in the upper left and the lower right corner. Others are guided purely by design. Understanding this becomes strategic about how to reorganize the contents. To get professional help you must opt for LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

Negative space

White space, sometimes referred to as ‘negative space’ is essential to define content hierarchies. Avoid filling every pixel of the screen with images, widgets. For a company, the website represents the main communication tool, both as a simple showcase for the activities carried out and as a primary sales channel for its customers.

Your website will be like a tailor made dress. As well as the tailor, we will listen to your needs, study your brand, measure your business and create the best performing platform to promote your business. Your site will be designed respecting your wishes, but with the advice of our experts, in order to create a modern and original portal.

For the realization of the site it will be crucial to follow the following steps  a first phase of briefing for the study of the service, the identification and analysis of the target audience and finally the strategy to be implemented.

The work will include the following

  • Meeting needs analysis
  • Analysis and design
  • Strategic approach
  • Architecture and navigation model
  • Technical analysis and technology to be applied
  • Technical specifications and planning
  • Study of the design , usability and ergonomics of the project
  • Software development / adaptation
  • Test and publication

Web editing and copywriting activities

Features and strengths

Dynamic management of contents through a convenient and functional administration panel you can manage in total autonomy any information published on the site. Flexibility and modularity are characteristic and distinctive traits of a product capable of adapting to technological developments and always keeping up with the market. Our site allows you to add modules, services and features, even after putting it online.

Modern and functional responsive graphics allows smooth and linear navigation within the website, even from mobile devices. SEO friendly is the term used to define a web application strongly oriented to indexing content by search engines.

Make your voice heard!

Your business is important, but so are the stories you can tell. This is why a blog is a bit like your online diary, which anyone can share on the net, making your work known. Rely on us for the care of content, SEO indexing and the spread of your corporate message on social networks.