Beauty tips from a psychic medium (energy of the hair)

People who truly believer in Psychic mediums, the afterlife and in the evidence that our souls or spiritual selves continue after physical death. It was not always that way for them. As a matter of fact, people began as a staunch skeptic, and someone who thought the afterlife was silly and the idea that mediums could communicate with spirits was something they would never entertain.

First, they had what is referred to as a crisis apparition or a dream visitation where a friend who had passed over that night, over 1 thousand miles away, appeared to them in their sleep, stood at the foot of the bed, waved goodbye and without words, communicated to them that everything would be ok and we should see each other again. 

Note down the beauty tips

Imagine the surprise, shock and astonishment when they got word at the office, the very next morning, that our beloved co-worker had a sudden medical crisis and died unexpectedly in the sleep the previous night. Several weeks later, a medium who Had never spoken to, never had any prior contact with and quite frankly didn’t believe was going to tell them anything special, not only described the loss. People also described in detail the experience they had on the night of his passing and described the wave, the telepathic communication and the reason why they had come to say goodbye.

Generally, people described this with humor, related it to my skepticism and then told that their future purpose was going to be writing about spiritual experiences and sharing the own with hundreds of thousands of readers. Something that has come to pass as a result of this experience and the subsequent interest in investigating is psychic medium. Whether they are already a believer, a staunch skeptic or simply curious but not convinced, exploring the afterlife and the experiences that come with it can be the most exciting and amazing adventure of their life. Psychic readings are tons of fun, very empowering and a great way of getting personal proof that their loved ones live on. 

So too is getting involved with a community of people who are passionate about spiritual matters, and are interested in developing themselves in this life. Again, the key is even if people are skeptical having their own experience is everything. No amount of articles would have ever convinced and only my own amazing encounter with a psychic medium, and the communication with the friend who crossed over made me begin to believe.